How You Can Leverage Your Personal Brand To Become An Authority, Create More Impact And Generate More Income...


Learn how you can monetize your skill, become a highly paid expert and impact millions of people while doing it.

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You have a life story to tell, life lessons to teach and a story to share with the world. And because of it, you can build a personal brand. You can attract a massive amount of clients online and you can earn multiple streams of income doing exactly what you love anywhere in the world.

In this accelerator, you will learn exactly how to build, grow AND monetize your brand, so that right out the gate you are able to reach hundreds of thousands to millions of people online. Most importantly you’ll know how to do it in a way that creates massive income, impact opportunities for you, beyond your wildest dreams.

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Hi, my name is Patrick and for the first time ever, I will take you behind the scenes of how some of the BIGGEST, most impactful personal brands are built today.

The secrets that will be shared with you are highly profitable and used by some of the most famous entrepreneurs that exist in the world today.

People always ask me, Patrick why don't you have a course for this?

I was always hesitant to give everything away but the time has come.

I'm FINALLY pulling back the curtain behind all of my marketing AND business secrets that I use for myself and my clients.

Your personal brand is what can bring you an unfair advantage over your competition to really become the authority. This asset is massively undervalued right now and you must take advantage of this.

So if you’re tired of struggling to attract new clients… get paid what you’re worth… gain traction online … and if you feel like your message is drowned-out by the sea of competition, I know how you feel because that used to be my clients... So pay close attention because this could transform your business and life forever.

That's a Bold Claim, I Know

You see, this little-known strategy is overlooked by almost all other business owners and marketers, which is why:
  • Companies invest $25,000 to $100,000 for my services.
  • I sold my first business at the age of 19 BECAUSE of this formula.
  • Entrepreneurs pay me to share this formula with their audience.

But most importantly...

Because this “secret” is misunderstood and ignored by most professionals and business owners, you can use it to quickly gain an unfair advantage that allows you to dominate your competition, generate thousands of leads and flood your business with multiple new revenue sources.

Imagine This

  • Doubling or even tripling your fees while providing real value to your audience.
  • Attracting only the hottest “ready to buy” prospects.
  • Never chasing leads or traffic again, instead letting it flow to you.
  • Influencing thousands of people as a trusted advisor in your industry.
  • Instantly growing your audience, and authority.

This might all sound hard for you but I have put together a simple framework that you can follow to achieve this.

One that consistently floods your business with new traffic and predictably converts your leads into customers.
Having worked with and consulted thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs in dozens of industries, I’ve distilled this down to a science. 
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The Death Of Your Business

Now, it might be a slow death... might not even realize it's happening. But you'll slowly see the symptoms slide in, poisoning your growth.

Who knows, you may already be seeing some of them? Like less engagement on your content... lower conversions on your landing pages, fewer email “opens”... higher advertising costs... razor-thin profit margins… and the list goes on.

This is why smart marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners are beginning to focus on their personal brand. It's what gives them an unfair advantage and allows them to stand out from the sea of competitors in their market. Nobody can be as UNIQUE as your own personal brand.

Build, Grow, Monetize And Scale
Your Personal Brand So You Can

  • Instantly Establish Authority In Your Market

  • Build a Raving Fan-base Who'll Buy Anything You Offer

  • Stop Worrying About Where You’ll Get Your Next Client

  • Get Featured On The Biggest Media Channels In Your Industry

  • Consistently & Predictably Generate Floods of New Traffic & Leads

  • Network & Partner With The Biggest Influencers In Your Space

  • Finally Charge Premium Prices For Your Products and Services

Now, I’m inviting you to join the new game changer. My personal branding accelerator will show you how to engineer faster-than-ever growth in your business through the power of personal branding.

(I'm only taking a few people every month so apply now.)

Let me introduce to you...

The AuthorityFramework



The proven step-by-step framework to build, grow and monetize your personal brand… even if you’re starting with no audience, experience or connections.

Over 50 lessons all delivered via HD video and broken down into a short, step-by-step process for you to easily follow.

Plus, as you progress through the course I’ll be your virtual mentor every step of the way. Because I’ll be answering your questions LIVE on camera twice every month, giving you the guidance needed to shorten your learning curve and accelerate your results.

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Here Are Just Some Of Things You Will Learn Inside...

  • Step by step system to build, launch and grow your personal brand even if you are starting out with no audience.

  • How to turn your expertise and knowledge into a profitable income machine.

  • How to build trust with your audience so you become the singular choice in your niche.

  • Learn how you can increase your income, influence & impact.

  • How to come up with an irresistible offer for your business.

  • Come up with content on the fly that engages with your audience and makes them buy.

  • Learn how to reach your first 1 Million people online.

  • How you can get in front of big media to amplify your message.

  • The one ad strategy that we use to sell millions worth of products.

  • Generate leads on the fly.

  • Become THE Expert in your industry.

  • Find pure clarity on who you should be talking to.

  • Build a powerful personal brand that you can use to impact millions of people.

  • Build a community that engages with your content trusts you.

Plus A Community To Support You

Imagine being part of a community that has thousands of other entrepreneurs and professionals all committed to growing their personal brands, becoming the authority in their niche, and they're all committed to creating a huge impact in the world and supporting you in doing the same.

Well that's the exact type of community we are building inside the Personal Branding Accelerator - Why? Because we know that on your journey you may want accountability, support and have some questions you need answered as you execute what you learn in the program.
So we built a world class community inside of Facebook to support you as you grow and at no cost to you, it's part of the program you'll be getting instant access to.
In addition to accountability and support - this will also be a place where we post bonus trainings, and have guest experts do live trainings in the group to give you even more momentum to succeed fast.


Now Is The Best Time To Build Your Personal Brand

If you're like me and you just need someone to show you step-by-step what needs to be done, in what order, and you'll do the work to get the results you want, so you can have your life and business on your terms... the green button below and fill out the quick application form to see if we are a good fit.

Is This Really For You?

If you do ANY of the following, or are struggling with any of the points below, this program is for you.

  • You have a skill or expertise
  • You have a desire to make an impact
  •  You want to grow your business in an efficient manner
  • You are struggling to make money online
  • You are struggling to attract clients
  • You have a service based business
  • You are tired of running after prospects
  • You finally want to experience your breakthrough online

What People Are Saying

"He really wants you to succeed and does everything to help you.
Every step he made so easy to follow"

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"You've made it super simple" "This is where success is built in"

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Building your personal brand will be one of the best long term investments you ever make in yourself and it will pay you back the largest returns.

So go ahead, join now, and I’ll see you on the inside. Leverage this competitve advantage of yours, and finally become the authority in your niche.

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Who Is This Guy?

Hello 🙂 My name is Patrick. Since an early age, I've been very intrigued by the online world and the endless opportunities it has to offer. At the age of 12, I noticed people have a lackof design ethics in their businesses and online presence, to be frank, it kind of bothered me ALOT. I'm not sure why, but that feeling was always there even though I knew nothing about design or marketing at that point in my life.

Knowing what I know, I started to learn more about different design tools and how I can use them to build a brand or make things 'prettier' in other words more eye-pleasing. I started to build my reputation in various forums and people started to ask me for design advice because they saw what I was doing for my personal brand and other people.

As a 12-year-old, I didn’t have much to lose or gain so I just did everything for free. It wasn’t like work for me, I didn’t know I could get paid — I just did what I loved to do which was designing different things for different people across different platforms.

After a few months, I realized I can actually charge for this stuff. And so I did. This was an amazing feeling. I have never done any paid work prior to this. At the end of the day, I was just a little kid bored in his room. However, in reality people LOVED my work. Now, I didn’t make crazy money with this. I had no idea how to price my services. I just charged whatever I felt was right at the time.

Now, skipping ahead a few months I came to realize that I can actually share these skills with the world. I opened my YouTube channel and just started creating basic videos. So basic I thought, who will actually watch this stuff. This is all common sense in my head.

But I guess not, for most people it wasn’t. I only noticed that after hitting a few thousand views and hundreds of thankful comments. I was inspired. Inspired by the people who I was able to impact.

This is where it gets interesting...

A few years into high school, I became the authority in my grade when it came to business. People knew me as the 'business guy' always moving and shaking things. I knew if I branded myself correctly in these early years, I can have an everlasting impact. Towards the end of my high school year, I partnered up with a colleague to launch our own design & web agency which we have built up locally to increase our recognition and reputation in the industry. This led us to win numerous accolades and awards. From that point, I got into marketing because we had all of these amazing websites but there was almost zero traffic going to them and conversion rates were very slim. This is where I dove deep into marketing strategies and learned how to build effective sales funnels while keeping premium branding in mind.

Over the years, I've learned how to build a strong brand, keep it consistent and establish itself as a leader in the industry. After working with many entrepreneurs, I was able to figure out how to build their brands, grow their audience, increase their influence, impact, and monetize their business.

As of today, I've impacted over 1 million marketers, designers, and business owners through my intimate knowledge in various spaces such as finance, business, and marketing. Well-known brands and public figures constantly contact me for advice on how to grow their business, some of which are exceeding $100 million in annual revenue.

People tend to call me the "swiss army knife" of life because of my great efforts and knowledge in various spaces and industries that are essential to a lot of brands today. My company Ethos Group plays an important part in today's personality brands because it gives them access to the skills and strategies that I have accumulated over the years from sales, operations, branding, and marketing.

Today, I focus my time on working with high-impact entrepreneurs to help them scale their personal brands.

Anyway — I hope you enjoyed a bit of my back story. There is no way I could possibly fit everything into this page so we will the rest for another time. What do you say? Join my program!