Personal Branding: 4 Reasons Why You Should Take It Serious

Do you really need to build a personal brand? Is it that important?

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you 4 reasons why you should build a personal brand and actually take it seriously.

Reason #1: Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

It’s going to be your biggest competitive advantage over your competitors, over your niche. By building your personal brand, you are going to have such a powerful business tool and weapon because nobody will be able to be exactly like you.

Even if someone tries to copy your style, nobody is as genuine and authentic as your own personal brand. Of course, it could be the same for you. If you try to copy someone else, I guarantee you won’t be as authentic as if you would try to be yourself.

So, by building your personal brand you gain a big competitive advantage because you are going to be able to attract the right kind of people that resonate with your message. not with your competitors but with YOUR message.

Reason #2: Desire To Make An Impact

You have a desire to make an impact. That’s why I’m sitting here, that’s why all my clients come to me because they have this desire that they want to get out and have an impact in other peoples lives. End of the day, we can have money, we can have everything we want, and we can have a successful business but if we don’t make an impact, then we won’t be fulfilled.

People come to me saying, Patrick, I have a successful business but I’m not fulfilled. I make this much a month but I’m not fulfilled. Then we go back to actually building their personal brand and helping them make an impact on other peoples lives, and after that, they feel much more fulfilled and I know that you have that same feeling.

Reason #3: You Have A Skill

You have accumulated all this knowledge and expertise over the years that you can now use to help people and monetize your expertise. And even better, if you have a skill that solves a problem that’s the best way to help people and have an impact.

Reason #4: Increased Income

You will have an increased income. Now money is not the main drive in all of the things but let’s be honest here — if you want to get from point a to point b you need fuel and just like driving a car if you want to drive somewhere, you need to fill up on gas and then you can drive. As soon as the gas runs out, you can’t drive anymore. It’s the same in business. If you don’t have money which is fuel, you can’t make money or have the impact you want to have.

A personal brand will allow you to have a much bigger impact compared to using a business logo and because its easier to scale a personal brand than it is a company, you will have a much more increased income because you will have multiple products within your funnel.

The beauty of it is most people pay more to learn from an expert, 1 on 1, than a company.

If you have that personal brand and it portrays your character, people will pay a higher price to interact and learn from you.

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