Why Is A/B Testing Important

A/B Testing is comparing two versions of a web page to see which page converts or performs better. You compare them both by showing two variants. The one that performs better, wins!

Now that you have a small understanding of what A/B Testing is, let’s face the real question – Is it actually important to split test your landing pages?

Let me give you an easy answer to that question:

A/B Testing = (A)LWAYS (B)E TESTING!

It is important. More than you think actually.
The internet keeps getting bigger and bigger, more articles and weird things get posted every day – way more than anyone could observe. While the internet keeps growing, our attention spans keep getting smaller. In fact, it is already smaller than a goldfish 🙂

If you want your landing page to convert, you will need to A/B Test your website because it is hard to keep visitors on your website long enough to sign up for your product or service. Sometimes a few little changes can help – sometimes you need to dig a little deeper.

Your landing page does not have to be perfect. All it needs to be is better than it currently is.

When You Should Be A/B Testing

Now that I have convinced you to introduce A/B Testing to your business, you need to know when you should split test your landing pages. (If you are not convinced yet, keep reading. Defeat your attention span!)

Here is a list of when you should do A/B Testing:

  • When you redesign your website
  • When you change a service
  • When you change pricing
  • When your conversions are screwed
  • When you simply want to raise revenue

So pretty much all the time 🙂

What Should I Split Test?

“I really want to split test my landing pages but Patrick, what should I split test?” Let me give you some examples!

A lot of people think they can just do a simple Google search to find case studies or statistics, which button would convert better or what placements are better. While it’s not bad to learn from others, you need to learn that – because it worked for someone else it does NOT mean it will work for you.

Here is a list of things you can split test:

  • CTA (Call to Actions)
  • Different variations of headlines
  • Product Pictures
  • Product Pricing (size, removing dollar sign, rounding up/down etc)
  • Long sales page vs short sales page
  • Social Proof (testimonials, logos etc)
  • Forms

A/B Split Testing Mistakes

There is a lot you can do wrong in split testing. Some mistakes are barely noticeable while others can have a big impact on your decisions. I have come up with five most common mistakes people make while split testing their landing pages.

Winners are called too early. Some people love to call shots early. I am probably one of those people but we all make mistakes, right? Yes, we do but you need to learn from them!

Don’t make the same mistake I made. It will cost you time, and frustration. Even some money.

If you are calling the winner with 50%, you are tossing the coin. Even 70% won’t cut it. Wait, but 80% is good enough, right?

No. This A/B Testing you are doing is an experiment that needs to be true. In other words, having a declared winner is the truth. It is safe to call your winner at 90%. Not lower.

Tests are not run for full weeks. You have a high traffic site and after 4 days, landing page B performs better than A at 97%.

That’s good enough right? Unfortunately not.

You need to run your test for full weeks. If you start your test on Monday, you need to end it on a Monday. For some companies, they make twice the amount of money on a Thursday than on a Saturday. If they don’t test in full weeks, their experiment is going to be inaccurate.

Split testing when you don’t have enough traffic or conversions. I love split testing and I’m sure you like it too, or will. But if you only have 1 or 2 conversions a month, it is not really worth the A/B Testing.

Tests are not based on a hypothesis. Testing random ideas is a huge waste of time and money. You need to research your website to figure out where the problem might be and then optimize. This helps you save time and create better tests.

Wasting time on unnecessary testing. There is no best color. Seriously. You can find a ton of articles explaining the best color to use for your Call To Actions but in reality, they are all a no-brainer. Don’t waste your time on stuff that seems like a no-brainer to you. Instead, spend time on high impact stuff. I would recommend you learn about color psychology which is way more important than testing which button color converts better

Here are some tools that might be helpful for you to create A/B Tests: Google Website OptimizerVWOOptimizely

Share your thoughts with me below. Keep testing, keep hustling!

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