How To Write Content That Converts (5 Simple Tips)

Why do you think every car wash with a website also has a blog? Do people really need to know about which detergent is best to make your windows sparkle? Well, yes, actually, but that’s not the whole picture.

It’s because, in today’s digital world, you need content to get ahead. And most people know this already, so there’s no point in me making an argument for why good content is a good idea for any business. But I do want to talk about something else.

Good content or, in this context, content that actually converts – that’s the true purpose of most businesses. So let’s see the five simple tips that are essential to writing content that converts from social media posts, blog posts and anything else around content marketing.

1. Write for Everyone

Unless your target audience is people of academia, you need to use simple, conversation-like language when writing your articles. If you’ve ever taken a class on writing, it’s best to forget the rules taught to you there.

Online, people are looking for easy to understand information. You get the main point out quickly, and then offer additional information for support. Your texts should be easily understood by a wide variety of users.

2. Write for Online Audiences

Going back to what you have learned in a writing class, the format, or the way a text should look like online is far different from what we read in books or magazines.

When you pick up a book, you most likely have at least an hour set aside to enjoy the content. But when we want to read an article online, we may do so on our lunch break, or standing in line to get our coffee. As a result, online articles should be fast to consume.

3. Improve Your Headlines

People will decide whether to read your article based on the headline you give them. The first rule is to ensure the title of the article fits the content – you don’t want to trick or mislead readers.

But headlines also need a hook. Just telling people what they’ll read about is not enough to earn an honest click; it’s necessary to spark their interest in some way too. Leverage ideas like exclusivity or urgency whenever you can to hook people into reading the article.

4.  Add a CTA

How are people supposed to do what you want if you don’t tell them what that is? A call to action is a simple idea, but it can increase the conversions greatly. If you want people to sign up for a newsletter, add the CTA at the end of the article. People are more likely to do it right after they’ve read an article they enjoyed.

5. Stay on Point

I have about 50 other things popping into my head right now that are equally (or more) interesting to the subject of this article, but do you see me telling you about them right now? No, because I know it’s essential to stick to what I promised.

And that’s what you should do with your content. Have one central idea and stick to it all throughout the content. Getting sidetracked won’t help. In fact, you may lose people’s interest.

What Now?

There are two ways to improve your content writing skills:

Which one are you going to do? Just so you know, I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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