Content Marketing is the New SEO

This Institute,  is an online resource for information on all things content marketing related, defines content marketing thusly:

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the goal of driving profitable customer action.”

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not what it used to be some years ago. Not long ago, before the internet became so popular, you were able to build a few links, write one article optimize for a few keywords and your content would be seen by many visitors.

That’s not how it works anymore.

Now, you need to build a great website, get thousands of links, write high-quality content, solve a user’s problem and get thousands of social shares.

One of the biggest issues people will face is building the thousands of links which can take years and can cost you a lot of money.

Content Marketing is the opposite – it is cheaper and more effective.

Writing high-quality content will give you links faster and it is also more cost-effective.

Here is one scenario from Kissmetrics:

Kissmetrics spent $28,000 on infographics in over a period of two years.
(On average an infographic costs $600)

Within two years, they have generated 2,512,596 website visitors and 41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domains from the infographics alone.

From the social media perspective, in the last two years, the infographics have driven 41,359 tweets and 20,859 likes to KISSmetrics.

If they would decide to go with paid SEO (AdWords, Sponsored Reviews for backlinks, their total expenditure would be approximately $1,072,905.80. That’s a lot of money comparing to the $28,000 they spent on Infographics.

Another major reason content marketing is more effective is the ranking. Paid SEO gets affected by algorithm updates while content marketing doesn’t. If you provide high-quality content Google will make sure that your high-quality content will rank higher.

Could you be saving money by investing in content marketing?
Most likely.

Should you invest in content marketing even it’s not saving you money?
Of course.

Are your competitors investing in content marketing?
Probably not. Look around, it’s your time to shine!

At the end of the day, businesses in this age should consider investing in content marketing. Start building a long-term ranking solution for your business.

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