Howdy! My name is Patrick.

But most people just call me Benske.

I'm humbled and proud to call myself a husband to a beautiful wife and father to a fascinating daughter.

Since an early age, I've been very intrigued by the online world and the endless opportunities it has to offer. At the age of 12, I noticed people have a lack of design ethics in their businesses and online presence, to be frank, it kind of bothered me ALOT. I'm not sure why, but that feeling was always there even though I knew nothing about design or marketing at that point in my life.

Knowing what I know, I started to learn more about different design tools and how I can use them to build a brand or make things 'prettier' in other words more eye-pleasing. I started to build my reputation in various forums and people started to ask me for design advice because they saw what I was doing for my personal brand and other people.

As a 12-year-old, I didn’t have much to lose or gain so I just did everything for free. It wasn’t like work for me, I didn’t know I could get paid — I just did what I loved to do which was designing different things for different people across different platforms.

After a few months, I realized I can actually charge for this stuff. And so I did. This was an amazing feeling. I have never done any paid work prior to this. At the end of the day, I was just a little kid bored in his room. However, in reality people LOVED my work. Now, I didn’t make crazy money with this. I had no idea how to price my services. I just charged whatever I felt was right at the time.

Now, skipping ahead a few months I came to realize that I can actually share these skills with the world. I opened my YouTube channel and just started creating basic videos. So basic I thought, who will actually watch this stuff. This is all common sense in my head.

But I guess not, for most people it wasn’t. I only noticed that after hitting a few thousand views and hundreds of thankful comments. I was inspired. Inspired by the people who I was able to impact.

A few years into high school, I became the authority in my grade when it came to business. People knew me as the 'business guy' always moving and shaking things. I knew if I branded myself correctly in these early years, I can have an everlasting impact. Towards the end of my high school year, I partnered up with a colleague to launch our own design & web agency which we have built up locally to increase our recognition and reputation in the industry. This led us to win numerous accolades and awards. From that point, I got into marketing because we had all of these amazing websites but there was almost zero traffic going to them and conversion rates were very slim. This is where I dove deep into marketing strategies and learned how to build effective sales funnels while keeping premium branding in mind.

Over the years, I've learned how to build a strong brand, keep it consistent and establish itself as a leader in the industry. After working with many entrepreneurs, I was able to figure out how to build their brands, grow their audience, increase their influence, impact, and monetize their business.

As of today, I've impacted over 1 million marketers, designers, and business owners through my intimate knowledge in various spaces such as finance, business, and marketing. Well-known brands and public figures constantly contact me for advice on how to grow their business, some of which are exceeding $100 million in annual revenue.

People tend to call me the "swiss army knife" of life because of my great efforts and knowledge in various spaces and industries that are essential to a lot of brands today. My company Ethos Group plays an important part in today's personality brands because it gives them access to the skills and strategies that I have accumulated over the years from sales, operations, branding, and marketing.

Today, I focus my time on working with high-impact entrepreneurs to help them scale their personal brands.


My Ventures.


PlutusX: Your Financial Ecosystem

We are on a mission to reinvent the way banking is perceived by leveraging new decentralized tools and technologies.
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Ethos Group: Brand Management Firm

We empower our clients to build authority, credibility and trust within their industry using cutting edge strategies, management and business intelligence.
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