Howdy! My name is Patrick.

But most people just call me Benske.

Hello there! As you may already know my name is Patrick Benske. I'm humbled and proud to call myself a husband to a beautiful wife and father to a fascinating daughter.

Since an early age, I've been very intrigued by the online world and the endless opportunities it has to offer. At the age of 12, I noticed people have a lack of design ethics in their businesses and online presence, to be frank, it kind of bothered me ALOT. I'm not sure why but that feeling was always there even though I knew nothing about design or marketing at that point in my life.

Knowing what I know, I started to learn more about different design tools and how I can use them to build a brand or make things 'prettier' in other words more eye-pleasing. I started to build my reputation in various forums and people started to ask me for design advice which then got me into opening my own YouTube channel where I taught others about various topics.

Fast forward to high school, I partnered up with a colleague to launch our own design & web agency which we have built up locally to increase our recognition and reputation in the industry. This led us to win numerous accolades and awards. From that point, I got into marketing because we had all of these amazing websites but there was almost zero traffic going to them and conversion rates were very slim. This is where I dove deep into marketing strategies and learned how to build effective sales funnels while keeping premium branding in mind.

From there, I wanted to multiply my income so I started to dig a little deeper. This led me to grow an interest in the financial sector. I started studying financial trading instruments like Forex and Crypto. It fascinated me how I can take my current income and multiply it using very specific and strategic strategies. I've used this knowledge to make other people profitable and send them on a path to financial prosperity.

In 2018, I've joined forces with PlutusX to disrupt the fintech and banking industry. Our mission is to change the way banking is perceived by leveraging new decentralized tools and technologies. Blockchain is such fast growing technology and I strongly believe it will change how we live our lives today.

As of today, I've impacted over 20,000 marketers, designers, and business owners through my intimate knowledge in various spaces such as finance, business, and marketing. Well-known brands and public figures constantly contact me for advice on how to grow their business, some of which are exceeding $100 million in annual revenue.

People tend to call me the "swiss army knife" of life because of my great efforts and knowledge in various spaces and industries that are essential in a lot of businesses.

My story is always changing and I know this is only the beginning of my journey but I'm looking forward for you to join this journey with me.

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What I Do.


I've helped brands reach their target audience and convert them into hot leads increasing sales and brand awareness through an effective buyer's journey and optimization funnel.

The process starts with branding exercises to make sure prospects can engage with a brand that resonates with them.

Some of my services in marketing:

General Consulting, Blockchain Marketing, Community Building, Branding, Traffic Generation, Conversion Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Websites & Graphic Design


Many business owners struggle to scale their business through effective automated and streamlined processes that increase their profits and allows them to scale faster  + bigger.

I help brands increase their profits by assisting them with restructuring internal culture, processes, and tools so they can focus on what they do best and enjoy more free time.

Some of my services in business:

Process Discovery, Process Optimization, Toolboxes, Culture Exploration, Business Plans, General Consulting


Over the years I've learned how to increase my income by using century-proven strategies and smart multipliers.

I've worked with traders to make them more profitable and change their mindset to find financial prosperity and assisted businesses, which increased their profits by leveraging financial systems.

Some of my services in finance:

Profitable Trading Strategies, Mindset Development, Increasing Margins, Increasing Your Income


Helping people has always been a passion of mine. It started out by sharing countless of educational videos on YouTube which grew day over day. As of today, I've impacted more than 20,000 individuals in various spaces I'm passionate about.

I'm always going to be on a journey to share my knowledge through multiple channels in videos, audio, and other visuals.

Some of my services in education:

Coaching, 1 on 1 Calls, Most of my education is open to the public through social channels.

My Ventures.


PlutusX: Your Financial Ecosystem

We are on a mission to reinvent the way banking is perceived by leveraging new decentralized tools and technologies.
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Ethos Group: Building Your Future

We empower our clients to build authority, credibility and trust within their industry using cutting edge strategies, management and business intelligence.
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