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I help Christians shine their light to glorify God and make Him known.
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Nothing too complicated...
To be frank, this is the hardest one to answer. I don’t like to put myself in a box... you know.


I’m actively involved in the ministry through pastoring, teaching and discipleship. You can learn more by visiting my ministry website below.
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I'm currently in the process of growing and scaling a precious metals dealers business that provides high-quality silver and gold to consumers.
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I'm passionate about the markets and currently trade and invest into various assets. My expertise lies in conquering the mind, and reading trading patterns to make calculated trading decisions.

about me

Few things about me...
Not a big fan of yakking about myself, but you asked, so here's a little bit about my journey in a nutshell.
First and foremost, I am a follower of The Way, aiming to please and honor Him. Then, I fulfill the roles of a husband and father. Finally, I serve as a pastor in a local church, where I shepherd and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

My journey began at a young age when I started to learn various marketing skills and teach them to others on YouTube.  This soon evolved into a marketing and consulting business, allowing me to advise everything from 8-figure businesses to struggling startups. The common thread throughout the years was my drive to learn skills, develop them, and then teach others.

This early start allowed me to gain and apply knowledge rapidly. As I developed these skills, I began to invest my business income into the markets, learning how they operate and how to trade the waves of the market.

I am grateful for the skills God has given me, but the gift of salvation that He has granted me is even more valuable. It is where my hope, trust, and faith reside. I do not work for bread alone, but for heavenly rewards.

Basically, I simply walk in the works God has prepared for me, and steward the things He gives me.

Frequently asked questions

Stuff you might be wondering about...
People still read these, right? Seems like a solid move to me...

Do you have any further questions or want to work together?

I'm all about catering to your needs. Ministry work? I don't put a price on ministry work - it's a gift from up above, and I'm just passing it on. As for my other services, it's all about what you need. Why don't you fill out my form and we can see if we're a good fit? Looking forward to connecting with you!
Over the years I've helped clients who do B2B, B2C, big companies, and small startups. Most of my experience involves harnessing the power of the internet, people, digital tools, and strategic business planning to help a business grow. But honestly, the tricks of the trade I use can work on any business (principles I learned over the years), as long as you're fixing a problem. Currently, my focus is on helping established businesses that are already generating high six or seven figures in revenue.
My strategy is pretty straightforward. Develop a skill that can serve others, make some money from it, then put that money into the markets. Sounds simple right? It's what I've been doing and it’s been pretty awesome for me! Don’t have any skills? Don't under estimate yourself - worst case you can always go and get some... or learn to trade the markets. And yep, I can totally help you out with all of this.
Our wrong beliefs about God often make us shut ourselves out from the good things He wants to do through us. He's got a plan for all of us, but bad teaching (or religion) has got folks all tangled up with wrong ideas about God. First off, you need to hit the refresh button on what you were taught. You were probably taught a lot of good things (which you can keep) but the bad stuff needs to go! Get to know Him and He will lead you into your purpose. Watch this video on how to find your purpose.
Nothing. That’s what the world wants to do. Achieve, climb the ranks and live for themselves. The truth is I don't need to achieve anything because I find fulfilment in God. My existence is dedicated to glorifying God in all aspects of my life, as I faithfully manage the gifts He bestows upon me. Everything I do is devoted to the Lord. I aim for my life to be a light for others, giving them an example to follow, so they may witness the hope within me, guiding them towards Christ and ultimate fulfilment in Him alone. While God has placed many responsibilities in my hands, ranging from ministry to business and finance, at the end of the day, I am simply a steward of the skills and resources He has given me, all for His Kingdom and His glory.
God's grace. When I look back I only see His hand guiding me through each step and showing me what I need to know. I used to credit this to my own understanding but I now know it's all from above. I walk by faith knowing God is my teacher, I apply what I learn, get good at it, and continue to do it so the knowledge turns into wisdom. And of course, make a lot of mistakes! I started really young which enabled me to learn and fail forward quickly.
I currently attend and pastor a non-denominational church. You can learn more about my ministry work here.
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