How do visitors interact with your website?

Have you ever thought about that questions?

Are you aware of how your visitors interact with your website? Surprisingly, many small business owners have no idea.

But why should you care?
Let me tell you why – when you design and build a website you make sure it will attract the right customers and convince them to do business with you. You build a website with the mindset on getting hundreds of visitors each month.

Few months after launching your website, you start to notice that you are not getting many visitors and the phone doesn’t ring like you think it would. What’s the problem? Why am I not making any conversions?  Should I change my content or is my design wrong? Without actual data and solid information it’s all guesswork. Try this – oh that didn’t work. Try that – I got more orders. Good! Let’s put this on the site – oh dear the sign-ups went down.

That’s a weird pattern, isn’t it?

Well, there is a fix for that. There’s is a lot of things you can learn about your visitors.

  • Who is looking for you?
  • How are they finding me?
  • How much time are they spending?
  • Which pages are popular
  • Do people even read about my product?
  • How they behave and how they buy
  • Where they click in a website
  • What they click on
  • Which links they follow

As you can see, there is a lot things you can learn about your website and visitors. (And that’s not the full list)

Tracking your visitors is the way to a successful website.

When you track and analyze your visitors behaviour, you can attract the right customers, improve performance, test alternatives like CTA’s or landing pages and forms.

Bottom line is – tracking your visitors is the way to a successful website and a way to increase your conversions.

Learning about your visitors is the first step you should take to up your game in the online business world. It directs how to generate the right content and dramatically increases results from your website.

Let us analyze user behaviour on your website and optimize it for greater and greater success!

Patrick Benske

I help brands increase their sales and save time. Digital Marketing Hero that is Driven by Growth & Results

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