Adwords For Startups

If you are a business or startup who is getting started in Adwords, the first few steps may be difficult for you. Many people just throw their money at Adwords to see what happens but in many cases, they won’t see any results. Going in with a strategy will help you see results. In this post, Patrick Benske will go through the challenges and tell you how you SHOULD be using Adwords for your startup.

Adwords makes it pretty easy to set up campaigns and they walk you through step by step. But is it the right way to do it? Do they tell you the best practices? Or are they just trying to make a quick buck from of you.

What’s the first step?

Ok, Patrick, how should my startup use Adwords?

Let me tell you.

If you are already familiar with Marketing Automation, you know that it handles rule-based workflows based on the buyer’s journey (will talk more about the buyer’s journey later). In most cases, it should take care of everything from lead to sale. Besides Marketing Automation being the best thing out there, what I wanted to say with this, you should think of Adwords the same way you think about Marketing Automation.

That’s where Remarketing comes in. If you set up remarketing properly, it’s one of the most powerful things on the internet.

If you are remarketing with Google, you are only paying for the clicks and not for the impressions. Meaning you are keeping your leads engaged and in the back of their head at all times. It’s very easy on your budget and an important thing to setup. It’s a tool to frequently remind your leads that they have more steps to take. Depending on their buyer’s journey you want to show them the ads, that are the most relevant.

The buyer’s journey is split into three parts.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision

Hubspot Buyer's Journey

With remarketing, you want to funnel your leads through those three steps. After they have made their decision you want to upsell them or let them know to engage you on social media. I would only recommend this if you have more than 2,000 monthly visitors. If you get less than that, targeting All Visitors should be fine for now.

Start by setting up different audiences in Google Analytics and Google Adwords, based on the buyer’s journey, or based on the level of interest (which is almost the same).

Here are some audience examples:

  • Downloaded content offer
  • Visited checkout page but didn’t convert
  • Completed the checkout process
  • Visited pricing or contact page

Now that you have learned a little bit about remarketing and hopefully set it up right away as well, let’s look at growing your traffic with keywords and new visitors. 

Adwords Growth & Managing Costs

Before you start this phase, make sure you know all of the important metrics in Adwords like CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and CPC (Cost per Click). You need to be aware how much you are spending per click and how much it costs you to acquire a new lead and/or customer. Those two metrics will determine the success of your startups Adwords account.

First, start with linking your Google Analytics and Search Console. Now, go look at how many impressions you are getting for organic keywords, which are ranking well and which keywords you are ranking organically for but are not getting many impressions for. Take all of these keywords and put them into a spreadsheet.

The keywords you want to focus on are the ones that you don’t currently don’t rank well for. Add those keywords to your Google Adwords campaign. This strategy will make smart use of your money and fill in the holes for you.

Start by using very small budgets and moving them up slowly, as you start getting more impressions. If you have a fresh account, all of your keywords should be broad. Funny thing is, most people will tell you to not use broad keywords as they will eat up your budget but that’s because they are approaching it wrong, usually. It CAN use up your budget if you do it wrong, but I’m here to show you how to do it properly.

The broad keywords will trigger the Search Terms section in Adwords. Pay attention to those phrases and look for long-tail searches that you can use. The key here is not to get clicks fast but instead grow and bump up your keywords slowly.

Again, log into Google Analytics and start looking for low volume keywords. Use keywords that best describe your business and add them to your spreadsheet + Adwords as broad matches. Follow the steps below after:

  1. Use low bids on your keywords (with low I mean like very low).
  2. Slowly increase your bids until you start ranking for positions 4 to 6 and are receiving impressions.
  3. Go back to the Search Term section in Adwords and look for what people are searching. Add those to your campaign.
  4. Next, look at your average CPA. Does it align with your target CPA? Use those metrics to determine which keywords to pursue.
  5. Now that you are receiving impressions to your keywords, start duplicating your best keywords and test them between broad and modified broad keywords.

Sometimes managing your Adwords account can be a headache but if you do it right, it’s worth putting your energy and time into. If you are seeing success with Adwords for your startup, don’t have second thoughts about putting more emphasis on PPC. With PPC you quickly accelerate your leads and growth of your business. If you see success, I recommend getting an internal person to spend time on your PPC or hire an agency to manage and grow your accounts.

Always make sure to start with a strategy. You don’t drive with your eyes closed, so why go into Adwords without a clear vision of where you want to go?

Stop procrastinating and start your Adwords account today. Set up your remarketing campaign and get in front of the people that already know who you are and might be ready to become a customer.

Please keep in mind that this is just a very basic strategy for beginners to start using Adwords. As your account gets bigger and more competitive, there is more management involved and extra tasks. If you get to this point, I strongly recommend you hire an agency or consultant to manage your Adwords. 

Patrick Benske

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