Top 6 Branding Mistakes


Not being Consistent

The first main mistake people and companies make are they are not consistent. They are using a different colour scheme every month and change their logo whenever they want. If you want people to become loyal and trust you, you need to stay consistent in your branding. You have to find a tagline and stick to it, stick to your colours, stay consistent with your logo. The best way to stay consistent in your branding and message is to create a brand standard. Your customer must hear and see your name, logo, tagline and colours consistently over and over and over in many ways before you are imprinted on your customer’s mind map.

What’s a brand standard?

A brand standard is a document which could simply be a PDF or a printed book where you outline your company’s branding. The type you are using, colours, sizing, messages, taglines, the different type of logos for specific mediums, what to do and what not to do.

Poor Visuals

Ugh, I hate this one. I can’t believe people still use Yellow Pages for websites and Microsoft Paint for their designs. There are so many resources out there you can use to create some stunning designs. If you want to be trusted and seen as an ‘industry leader’ you need to look like one as well. Your visuals need to reflect and look professional to your audience. Humans think in pictures. Use it to your advantage! Have a consistent visual picture and logo that comes to represent your company.

Not knowing who you really are

Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Find out who you really are. I have built a dozen of websites and it’s funny to learn that most of the people can’t even write a proper paragraph about their company. If you can’t write a juicy half page description about your company, rethink who you are. Know your strengths and weaknesses through honest analyses of what you do best.

No dedicated marketing plan

A lot of people build their brand identity but they have no idea on how to reach their audience. You need a well thought out marketing plan in place before you start your branding.

Not knowing successful branding starts

Successful branding starts with YOU. Only you know the vision of your business and your goals. Only you can ensure consistency in use of the name, logo, and tag line. Successful branding starts with your company and not with the designer you are hiring.

Not knowing your target audience

I have been there. I’m sure you are there now. Many brands fail because they don’t know their target audience. You need to know your target audience before you start branding yourself to someone. Make sure you know your target audience needs like income, demographics, influencers etc. If you know your target audience it makes it way easier for you to brand your company around your niche. Remember, it’s better to have a smaller targeted audience than a big broader audience. Yes, you will reach more people but you won’t increase your sales because your audience is too broad and they are not interested in your offer. You can’t please everyone.

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